Purchase Procedure

  • Verbal offer and acceptance
  • Appointment of an attorney-at-law
  • Exchange of contracts for sale and payment of a 10% deposit to the vendor’s attorney-at-law. The remaining 90% of the balance due is paid at time of conveyance.
  • Conveyance time is approximately three months
  • The freehold title may be in an individual’s name or through a corporate vehicle set up to own the property. Non-residents of Barbados tend to purchase property through a company which may be incorporated outside of Barbados.
  • Overseas purchasers can secure a 50% to 65% mortgage through a bank in Barbados.

Buying Guide

  • There are no restrictions to non-nationals purchasing property in Barbados.
    Nil Capital Gains Tax
  • Nil Capital Gains Tax
  • Nil Inheritance Tax
  • Transaction Costs:
  • Attorney Fees are 1% – 2% plus 17.5% VAT

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